Anand has been a leading institute in the area of personal development, massage, meditation, intuition and reiki. What makes Anand so special is the high quality of the courses, the personal approach and the sober view on spirituality. Anand means happiness. The mission of Ananad is to bring space and stimulants for the experience of happiness and the engagement of consciousness. The combination of spirituality and doing something practical makes sure that the inner engagement you experience during the course is transferred into actual contact with others and that speaks to your heart! Anand has been mentioned in the media a few times.

This website is there to spread the knowledge and expertise of Anand across the globe.

On 1 January 2000 Raymond Besems founded Anand after a long time of travelling through India and Thailand. His idea behind the trainings institute is to do the work where his passion lies and in that way contribute to a little bit more joy in this world by sharing his knowledge and experience of massage, meditation, reiki, intuition and yoga. Raymond is the chief trainer of Anand and organises most of the business related to the company.

Preshanna has been extremely interested in spirituality since she was little. Raymond and Preshanna met each other in 2011. Preshanna gives introduction massage courses and has her own massage practice in Zaandam, the Netherlands.