Spiritual Thoughts

There are many aspects to the spiritual life and sometimes it can be confusing as t20024336_so how and where to pay attention first. Spiritual inspirational thoughts encompass the spiritual awakening, study of angels, clairvoyance, the aura, chakras, the lower and higher self, meditation, energy healing, karma, and incarnation to name a few. In order to orient yourself spiritually, the divine has found seven essential studies that serve as a foundation for spirituality. These studies can be considered as The Seven Spiritual Arts. Well, there are more; however, these seven are pretty important. They are invaluable in creating a solid foundation for your spiritual journey. If you wish to evolve spiritually, you must know about these seven spiritual arts and have some spiritual guidance.

Let us discuss briefly about these seven spiritual arts.

The Aura and Spiritual Energy

The aura is essentially your foundation. Each and every facet of your life is echoed in your aura. It is through its power that you create your spiritual mettle and attain the spiritual summit. Through prayer and meditation, you can summon the different spiritual energies and gradually build your aura. This provides you with the divine power to reach your aspirations and goals.


You cannot live this life without the healing ability. In a word, healing means change, that is, changing from one condition to another. Since you are spiritually evolving, there is transformation taking place in every component of your consciousness. In order to do that, you should develop your skill in spiritual healing.

Karma and Reincarnation

Each one of us incarnates in some physical form a number of times to experience life in each of its facet. Karma is closely linked to reincarnation. Karma is the law of cause and effect. Regardless of how much attention you pay on various parts of your spiritual development, you can reach the summit only by facing your karma and taking this segment of your evolution towards the greater harmony.

Living the Spiritual Life

Until it lives solely in your heart, truth is not truth. You reach your goal only when you apply all your spiritual knowledge, prayer and meditation. The soul learns only through experience. Spiritual growth is possible only by employing qualities like love, trust, faith, valor, will, courage, determination, joy and patience.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

You are not walking the spiritual path alone. Divine beings are together with you and are guiding your spiritual growth. They inspire you from within so that you do what you need to do to evolve.


Consciousness is the king. Unfolding the potential of your soul is lifting your consciousness to much greater levels of awareness. In fact, consciousness is everywhere and is in everything to different degrees. Closely linked to consciousness is understanding the mind and its emotions as well as how these serve as tools to create and build your divine awareness.

Your Ascent

Understanding the bigger picture of your overall spiritual ascent is important. Presently, you are slowly evolving through the spiritual planes of your consciousness. If you understand the bigger picture of your ascent, you can be on track without getting lost or distracted in aspects and practices that are not concerned with evolving your soul.

Give yourself enough time to develop the potential of your soul. Be patient but persistent in applying the above mentioned Seven Spiritual Arts. Through regular practice, you are creating a bridge to the higher life. Develop your spiritual thoughts about life.

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