Massage Holidays

The program is designed so that you learn a lot in a short time while you have plenty of time to rest and do what you feel like. You will learn everything that belongs to the Classical Relaxation Massage and Massage course.  After the Massage vacation you will be able to apply many yoga techniques to keep your message-vakantie-rond

body agile and strong.  You’ll know  how easily to find inner peace by applying meditation. 


  • Relaxation Massage
  • Classical Massage
  • Yoga
  • Intuitive Development


Level Anyone can participate in this course holiday
Duration of the course 7 days, a total of 36 teacher contact hours
Objectives A good relaxation massage and classic massage can give
Find Relaxation and inner peace
Study Self-study Practical: 10 weeks, 3 hours per weekSelf-study Theoretical: 10 weeks 1 hours per week.Exam: 1.5 hoursTotal study: 77,5 hours
Qualifications to obtain Diploma  Relaxation Massage and Classical massage
You will be trained for the exam Relaxation Massage and Classical massage
Number of exams 1 joint examination for relaxation massage and classic massage. There is one resitopportunity
Exemption If you have a similar degree from institute, it is possible under assessment by the teacher to get an exemption
Requirements None
Special conditions You must provide your own travel and cancellation insurance.
Study materials · Manual relaxation massage (provided during the course)
· Manual classic massage (provided during the course)
· DVD Relaxation Massage and Massage Classic (included in the course price)
· Eastern and Western massage, (192 pages, Lucy Lidell, Gottmer Publishers Group)ISBN10: 9069634821
· General anatomy of Skeleton and Muscles; Drs. Ed Hendriks, Hans Helsper, Jan Vink(67 pages), downloadable from the website (
Cost Course €395 , Accommodation and meals in Sauerland: € 300, textbooks € 23,€ 75 exams
Including The course price includes: Manual guidance during the course. Textbook for the course, accommodation and meals.
Location and trainers:

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