Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

Each one of you has a name. Well, then who is the one or whose is the voice that keeps whispering within you? The ‘yes’s, ‘no’s, ‘do’s, and ‘don’t’s that you keep hearing within you? Something within each one of us keeps speaking particularly when we take decisions or during important situations of life.

Sometimes you listen to that voice; sometimes you choose to ignore. Whenever you ignore it, you choose to go with the rational practical mind and the inner voice normally gets suppressed. However, that is merely for the time being. The voice keeps playing its track in the sub-conscience repeatedly saying “Come on, you are on the wrong track!”

So, it is obvious that someone lives within, on constant vigil. This ‘someone’ knows clearly when you are wrong, guides on the right path, removes negative thoughts from your conscience and somehow pushes you to do the right thing. Still, you do not accept to what it’s saying all the time due to fear – fear of shame, fear of losing, fear of embarrassment, fear of unfulfilled desires and fear of hardships. However, when you listen, you feel immense calm and peace in your heart! At those instances, you smile to yourself and give a sigh of relief!

So, who is it that who lives within each one of us?

Spiritual GuidanceWell, that is the nameless ‘you’ that was, is and will be. That is your spirit and it speaks the voice of God to you. It is always connected with the Source, the omnipresent power; you may call it God, the Holy Spirit or whatever! That is how you are connected to the Whole. Through your spirit, your wandering mind is guided and your thoughts, words, moves and actions that you make every moment of your life is guarded. So now, the difference between the mind and the spirit is quite clear. Next, it is time to decide who you will listen to every time. Listen to that tiny inner voice as that is the only way you are connected with the Source all the time.

The voice that is talking to you from within is YOUR soul, YOUR spirit; it is always telling you something that is very important – something about you, your thoughts, your life, your words and action. Every time you are confused, it is telling you what is right and what is wrong. It helps you avoid mistakes every time. The soul knows it all regardless of whether the mind is aware or not!

When you are well connected to your soul, that is, the spirit within you, when you always have an open ear to the inner voice, when you are attuned to it and through the inner voice to the Universal Soul, then you are spiritual and you are spiritually guided in the most perfect manner!

When you dwell in that state of mind, your perception of this universe slowly widens until the whole universe merges into your consciousness and you saturate in its entirety. You tend to perceive the whole universe within you and you within the universe. You will be able to identify yourself with its abstract nothingness; ultimately, your sense of time and space loses its significance!


To help you with this journey we have 3 sets of guided meditations available. When you want to start with meditations and spirituality these are a great way to start, or when you are already experienced these offer a great variation to your other guided meditations. Just follow the link below.

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