Oneness explained

Oneness meditation

There never has been, nor will there be anyone different then the one universal one being. Oneness is the Oneness meditationtruth of all ages, of all universes, of all living beings. After death, no – body survives. Just the universal being in a different form. All beings are from the start till the end one living creature. It is an illusion that there are different individuals. An illusion created by the mind. The mind is not evil. It just appears as such. Because also the mind is a part of oneness, which thinks about itself as separate, the mind has created trillions of individual beings which think of themselves as seperate beings. But in fact, looking deep within, separateness disappears.

Oneness is the law of life and of living

All people are, from the very start one being. One being which stretches in all directions in time and in space. Thus, in reality, there is no time nor space. Just one organic whole, which can be explored in all directions, infinitely. Just go within and discover, that oneness which has always been the case. This has to be the meditation, go within and feel the place where there are no two. Where all is one. Where you know there is no separate identity. Where all feeling of separateness disappears. Where you are one with the universal love and wisdom. Feel the wind of all ages. Feel the disappearance of self. Feel that you are the one. The one and only.

See that on the outer circumference there seem to be outwardly separate identities who follow their own separate goals in life. But inwardly, no-one is separated, oneness is all there is. All is a organic unity. This is the real truth. To realize this, is the only real enlightenment. See, that there is no separate identity. That this just appears to be so. On the circumference of life, this seems to be the reality. Go within and see. Take your time every day of the week, to go within and confirm this truth. That there has not been, nor will there be any separation. That all is one from the very beginning and will remain to be so till the end. This is the ultimate truth. The only real truth of life. There cannot be anything else.

But you have to disappear as a separate identity. That has to be the start and the end of every real meditation. Click here to listen to a short guided oneness meditation.